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Todays DD November 8 2012

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Nov 8, 12 12:50 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Todays DD November 8 2012

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Nov 8, 12 10:51 PM
Give this game a try!!!!!!

When I saw that this was a Match 3 game, I almost didn't download. I find most too boring and repetitive, but I tried this one. I am delighted that I did! After the one hour trial, I played for an additional 3 hours! This review is based on those 4 hours of fun play...and some additional information from the developer game description.

The game began with a beautiful cut scene and impressive voice overs.

This set us on a wonderful adventure to build our own "Egyptian society" through 5 epochs.

There is an option for sound, music, custom cursor and fullscreen or windowed mode. Normally, I find the black bars on either side of the game screen a dreadful distraction, but this one had block walls that just blended seamlessly in to the game screen.

Graphics are beautifully done.

Game plays in only swap mode, but I'm not missing the other modes, such as
"chain" and "block".

You can play in timed or untimed mode. I began my game in untimed mode and tried to switch mid-game, but couldn't activate timed mode unless I started over.

There is an opportunity to earn trophies in both timed and untimed mode, with the exception that one award is specific to "completing a level in timed mode".

There are 100 levels.

In order to progress in the game, you have to build your Egyptian "society" by making matches for 3 types of resources : Gold, Supplies and Food. So as you progress in the game, you are not just concerned with merely breaking the tiles to win a must also reach a certain number of matches for Gold, Supplies and Food to unlock the next building level.

Puzzles: There are a variety of simple, fun puzzles/mini-games to complete in order to unlock the plans for the next building project. These can be skipped.

Power-Ups/Bonuses: More buildings unlock more valuable tiles, and unlock more bonuses/power-ups. There are 8 power-ups in total to help you progress through the game.

There are 2 categories listed under trophies:
1. Citizens ( there are 16 sub-categories for achievements such as "collect 1,000 units of food after building the field")
2. Awards ( there are 12 sub-categories for achievements such as " complete 25 levels without exiting the game" or " complete 10 levels without using a hint")

Well, my apologies for not having a review of a completed game. I expect to get "days" of game play out of Now back to playing

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