Northern Tale "secret achievement" award

[Post New]by blondaq on Nov 8, 12 3:28 AM
Hello! I finished all the levels with 3 gold stars, I earned all the achievements but I don't know how to the last "3 secret achievement".
Anyone in that situation ??? please help someone, I just love that game and feel kind of frustrated not to be able to finish it.
Thanks to all of you out there for your answers. ;-)


Re:Northern Tale "secret achievement" award

[Post New]by Gigarange on Jul 19, 13 9:02 PM
Maybe you already found out, but it is to have 30 of each food, gold and wood.

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Re:Northern Tale "secret achievement" award

[Post New]by verekaren on Nov 11, 13 6:11 PM
i've had 30 each gold, food and wood many times and i do not have the "secret achievement".


Re:Northern Tale "secret achievement" award

[Post New]by Nessa1905 on Nov 13, 13 6:35 AM
I have 2 of the secret achievements. I don't remember how i got the first one, but the second i earned for finding Thor's Hammer (Level 1.2).

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Re:Northern Tale "secret achievement" award

[Post New]by Lilac43 on Dec 3, 13 6:05 PM
In addition to Thor's hammer, here are what I got:
1. I clicked on the shields, helmets, skulls, etc. scattered around in the first few levels (later on, there are barrels). There are hamsters hiding behind these. I don't know how many clicks, but not many until I got the "all hamsters found" achievement.
2. I clicked on an achievement notification ('cause it was in my way ) and got the "clicked on an achievement" award.
3. I got interrupted and didn't click for 30 seconds during a level...another achievement.
4. Got 30 each of food, ore and gold. Somewhere in the 2nd set (Levels 16 - 30).
5. Didn't use a bonus for 3 minutes.
6. According to another site's walkthrough, the last one is "lost a level." Apparently, you have to let time run out. I haven't gotten that one yet.

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Re:Northern Tale "secret achievement" award

[Post New]by Starchild6 on Jan 30, 14 3:03 AM
Just a tip. Just let time run out and lose a level early, like one or two. The other levels are much longer and not as easy to repeat.


Re:Northern Tale "secret achievement" award

[Post New]by ladycrash1022 on May 16, 14 7:54 AM
Losing a level in normal or multi-click mode is easily gotten. However, in untimed mode, there is still a 6th secret achievement, but you can not "lose" in relaxed mode so any ideas as to what it may be?


Re:Northern Tale "secret achievement" award

[Post New]by ladycrash1022 on May 16, 14 4:35 PM
1) no click for 30 seconds

2) warehouse stocked to max (30 gold, 30 food, 30 wood) all at same time

3) 3 minutes without using a bonus

4) Find all Hamsters (3 usually gets it)

5) Click an achievement

6) Find Thor's Hammer

In playing untimed mode, these were the 6 "secret achievements"


Re:Northern Tale "secret achievement" award

[Post New]by tstephens1981 on Sep 5, 14 2:35 PM
The tough thing is that the achievements aren't in "order" - I also got stuck on the last 3 secrets, and when got one it went up into the list... So I thought here's a *full* list, look through and see what you DON'T have:

Good, Great, and Mighty awards for the following: (if you finish w/3 stars you should have all automatically)

Rollo (enemies defeated)
Merchant (deals)
Upgrader (buildings upgraded)
Exorcist (enemies defeated)
Builder (bridges repaired)
Commander (vikings hired)
Roads (roads repaired)
Repairman (buildings fixed)
Druid (enemies defeated)
Farmer (food collected)
Collector (resources collected)
Blacksmith (ore collected)

Can't Have Too Many Bonuses x3 (bonuses used)
Gold Rush x3 (gold collected)
Super Game x3 (points on one level)

Fireman: 15 fires extinguished
Fisherman: 200 fish caught
Forest Keeper: 1000 trees revived
Berry-picker: 200 berries picked
Marathon Runner: 50 km run!

Thor's hammer found!
Wake up! You haven't tapped for 30 seconds!
Game started!
You've tapped an achievement!
3 minutes played without using a bonus!
Warehouse stocked to the roof!
Friendly: feed the dragon!
All hamsters found!

**I'm still missing 2: losing a game & something else, huh

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