Stuck on rebuilding stalls quest in Europe

[Post New]by mstsuzuka on Nov 9, 12 8:08 AM
Hi, I've been playing for a few days already. Now stuck on the quest where we have to rebuild all the stalls. I've already done this, rebuilding every single stalls at least more than what i have previously, but the quest still doesnt complete.

Any suggestions on how to complete it? Would really appreciate it.

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Re:Stuck on rebuilding stalls quest in Europe

[Post New]by Acashy on Oct 24, 13 9:50 AM
Often get stuck on this one when I replay the game.

It's usually because I forgot to rebuild the toilets which are also considered stalls.


Re:Stuck on rebuilding stalls quest in Europe

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Mar 2, 14 6:33 AM
It is not noticeable at night which buildings have been destroyed. In the day time you can see this not only includes the stall/food kiosks, and toilets but the Restaurant and in my game the souvenirs shop also looked browned-out.

I did not notice the restaurant is part of this task until daytime and I slowed down the game to look around, all the destroyed buildings are browned out. I thought I had a glitch because the restaurant lights are on at night and you can't tell it is actually browned-out like the other buildings that need replaced. It was a bummer to have to re earn all that money to replace all them again. I replaced them all but would not proceed until I replaced the restaurant, too. Though it's not listed as a 'stall'.

Hope this helps someone if they get stuck on this one.

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