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The Mac Version is here…

[Post New]by shorenuf on Nov 10, 12 1:42 AM
Extreme cursor lag -- anyone else? Please post in Tech issues thread.

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Re:The Mac Version is here…

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Nov 10, 12 3:32 AM
Hi shorenuf,

Sorry to see that you're having this trouble.

As this game was obviously just installed, my best advice would be to check for any updates to programs such as Flash and Shockwave which may help the computer and the game to communicate more effectively.

You can find some advice on checking for updates here, under the heading, Trouble viewing a game?

If the issue continues, please do get in touch with Tech Support Team so we can have a closer look at this with you.

Finally, as you mentioned, it is a good idea to post issues like this in the dedicated tech thread here so that we can track any problems.

To that end, I will be locking this thread now, but feel free to repost in the tech thread if you wish.



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