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Machine part tips

[Post New]by festclick on Nov 10, 12 10:45 AM

Some of the later missions can be quite difficult if you don't have enough Laboratory purchases, for which you need machine parts. I set up a little machine part factory, on mission 4-1 of Glacier. If you haven't got that far, choose the first mission of the furthest part you've reached, like 1-1, 2-1, and so on. You really need the factory bot to make a farm, and the missile bot is very useful. If you don't have the missile bot, bring the gunner bot and cannon bot. You then need fusor, floater (to put bots in the sky), and if you have it mini-magnet. I'd bring mini-mine for safety, and storm bot. The aim is to build a fast economy and put in place a solid defense. Get four fusors and then a cannon and a gunner bot, whilst adding more fusors in between. Then floaters to add platforms at the right of the screen on each row with gunners, so you can cover every row except the sea, which storm bot can defend. If you have missile bot it is simpler, just save up for one missile bot and you're safe from early attacks. Once you're safe, with a gunner in each row or two missile bots, add fusors on floaters and in between factory bots in a 3 by 3 grid with a mini-magnet in the middle. By the end you want a vertical line of four missile bots, or if you don't have those, four vertical cannon and a gunner behind them, with at least two gunners on the ground. Then you just add fusors and factory bots on floaters behind your vertical defense. You can collect a couple of thousand machine parts. Once you have missile bot, it is faster and you can make more parts. When you get papa fusor, you can go even faster. You bring ordinary fusor and papa, place two fusor and then one papa, and collect energy so you can build another papa. Then save for a missiler bot and you are already safe to build floaters with papas and factory bots. Once you have mama factory, bring her as well and save for her before building ordinary factories. You can remove the ordinary fusors and replace with papas when it is convenient. Once you have all that, you can make 4000 machine parts each time on 4-1. That lets you buy extra slots and more starting energy and better chances of parts and so on, so you can work up to 5000 machine parts a time. With extra slots and lots of lab upgrades, many later missions aren't so tough as you can bring an array of attacking bots and make a fast papa and ordinary fusor energy economy to constantly deploy them on floaters or whatever is appropriate.

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