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Today's DD 11 11 12

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Nov 11, 12 2:03 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Today's DD 11 11 12

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Nov 11, 12 4:02 AM
I am pleased to have purchased this game at the DD price.

Graphics are beautiful.

Voice overs are excellent throughout.

Options include music/ effects volume, USA English or UK English, Widescreen or Fullscreen, Tutorials on/off switch, voices on/off switch.

There is no option for easy or difficult mode of play. Sparkles cannot be turned off.

There is a journal to record the story and codes/clues. There is a check box between every two pages of the journal. A green check mark indicates that you have completed all objectives on those pages.

There is a map, but it is not interactive. The map has symbols indicating where you are, areas that have objectives to be completed, and locked areas.

Hidden Object Scenes: Some objects very well hidden behind other objects with only a fraction visible.

There are approximately 18 hidden object scenes ( I jot down the number of puzzles and hog scenes as I play, but sometimes I get too involved in the game and forget, so I may be off by one or two)

Hints recharge in approximately 90 seconds.

Puzzles: There are approximately 12 puzzles. They can be skipped after 90 seconds.

There are no instructions with the puzzles, but there are hints to solving them in the journal.

Story was interesting, but ended abruptly, leaving me with a few questions.

It took me 2 hrs and 50 minutes to complete the game. I did skip a puzzle that I couldn't get lined up correctly, and I used the hint about 1 time on each puzzle for objects that were too well-hidden.

Overall, I would recommend trying this game. I would give this game a B+ due to short length and weak conclusion to the story.

I forgot to mention that you earn a score by the end of the game, but I have no idea what criteria are used for this score. I didn't notice a single mention of a score anywhere until the end of game.

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Re:Today's DD 11 11 12

[Post New]by Jorie10 on Nov 11, 12 5:39 AM
Thanks for the great overview, NIMHURCHU!

It definitely helps me to make a decision, regarding this Daily Deal, to read a review written today!

Just read my note for 11/15/11 when this game was released: "Buy if DD".

Played a bit more and then bought it!

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Re:Today's DD 11 11 12

[Post New]by swiss_star5 on Nov 11, 12 5:37 PM
I liked it but it was a bit short (already finished). Ok for the DD price but I wouldn't pay full price for this one.

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Re:Today's DD 11 11 12

[Post New]by Jurinne on Nov 11, 12 10:11 PM
I'm happy that I was able to purchase this game at the DD price. I would have been happier if I had been able to demo it first but for some reason I couldn't. I bought it without playing any part.

I like the creepy factor - that is what saves this game. If it weren't for that I wouldn't be playing it as there are some serious problems, including junkpile HOS (many of them) and a Hint Button that doesn't do much hinting outside the HOS.

Right now I'm stuck. I'm walking around and going to two different floors and can't figure out what to do.

It's worth the DD price - not one cent more.

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Re:Today's DD 11 11 12

[Post New]by sandhan on Nov 14, 12 6:44 PM
Too late for DD buyers, but I just finished this game. I enjoyed it a lot; don't mind it's being short, with my abbreviated attention span. I did mind that it was so dark I couldn't see many of the well-hidden objects, and the hint refill certainly took its time. Also, I found the ending disappointing. You supposedly have a choice, but you don't, really, and no way to find out what would have happened the other way. I still liked it, though.

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