Fairway Solitaire

[Post New]by leanahb on Nov 11, 12 8:41 AM
I'm having trouble with this game on my iPad. The next course, "Paris Shoot Open" will not open. Could you please give me some advice as to how to fix this? Thanks!

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Re:Fairway Solitaire

[Post New]by lyrialice on Nov 11, 12 12:16 PM
Hi leanahb

If you click on the green envelope under your username and go to the box titled iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch there are helpful hints there.

If that still doesn't get the game working :-

If you are not a Game Club Member just click on the Green Envelope just under your username then click on the bottom left on Contact Us on the page that comes up. Go to the form and fill it in with type of OS and the problem and see if they can help

Automated response will go to your email remember and check your spam folder if you haven't received that swiftly. They will then contact you by email usually within 72 hours

If you are a Game Club Member you can use Live Chat accessed by going into the My Account tab the hours are posted there for opening times.

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Re:Fairway Solitaire

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Nov 11, 12 1:01 PM
Hi leanahb,

Just swimming in to follow up on the great advice by lyrialice.

If the suggestions in the iPad help article don't get things straightened out, please do get in touch with our Mobile Support Team. They have the best information about how the game should work on your device and can work with you directly on some more troubleshooting.

You can contact them by clicking here to submit a support ticket via email and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.

I'm also going to go ahead and move this thread over the Fairway Forum to keep things tidy.

Thank you!


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