Taking away the competition

[Post New]by scottdavis50 on Nov 12, 12 1:21 PM
Just wanted to post quickly as I have been playing this game for a long time and I play nearly every day. However, I have noticed something that ends up taking away from the excitement of the game:

On the upper-level maps (specifically #7) the ability to "think" your way to victory is completely removed. What am I referring to? Im referring to the fact that there are so little options that it literally comes down to the luck of the draw. If there is only one card showing (a queen for example) then I must rely on a Jack or King to pop up or there is no chance for me to continue. This is VERY disappointing as it completely removes the mental factor from the game. I find myself just pushing a button over and over to look for the card I need. No intellectual stimulation whatsoever. Let me choose my OWN destiny in the game. If the game chooses for me, it is no longer a game. I understand that they wanted to make the game get more difficult, but it seems as if they got lazy in the programming department and just opted to make the luck of the draw the deciding factor, as opposed to letting the user decide his/her fate.

P.S.- If this is an attempt to get people to "pay" for more irons or to pay their way to victory, then this is not a game at all. Its simply a platform to show: Who pays the most will succeed the most. Is this professional baseball or solitaire???


Re:Taking away the competition

[Post New]by scottdavis50 on Nov 13, 12 8:51 AM
I suppose no one wants to tackle this one. Look, it's very clear that all the developers want is your money. Pay for the game then make people pay if they want to get through a map.....stellar. There is clearly no way possible to clear the Bridle Vale map without buying irons and buying the feature that allows you to buy irons more often. Hell, you may even have to buy more than that to get through the map.

To the developers: No problem if you want people to pay if they want to win. However, put that in a disclaimer beforehand and allows the users to determine if they want to "play" a game that requires cash to win. Again, it's no longer a game to me and it has completely lost its appeal as cash is what wins, not intellect. I'm mad at myself for giving you guys any money at all.

P.S.- If you are dumb enough to buy in to their scheme then it proves my point about intellect.

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Re:Taking away the competition

[Post New]by lordkalvan on Nov 13, 12 12:50 PM
I don't even try the challenges that are clearly going to either require a lot of clubs or an enormous amount of luck. I even think twice when the course if free, because I play the game to relax and if it is too difficult, it's not relaxing.

I do understand that there are other players who want harder courses. I just wish there were a better way to tell before I pay for a course whether it's going to end up being one that either takes a lot of clubs or a lot of replay until I finally get the right cards.

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