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[Post New]by Katie630 on Nov 14, 12 5:29 PM
What's with this telescope? I am totally confused by all these codes. Help .. anyone? Thanks

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[Post New]by lym_1609 on Nov 14, 12 11:30 PM
First turn the bottom dial to an upside down "A" letter. Then the 4 panels on the side will open up. You are asked to solve the equations to use the telescope

1st Formula=D/B=A,
2nd, A+b=5
3rd, CXB=0
4th, 0<E<2
5th, B-E=A

Solution SPOILERS ALERT (DO NOT READ further unless u need to know the solution):

"A" Dial
A=2, so take a look at the various dials and find a dial label "A", this is on the LHS of the scope, turn this dial to 2,

"B" dial
Since A+B=5, thus, B=3 (similarly, turn dial B=3)

"E" dial

B-E=A, thus, E=1

If E<2, then E must be either 1 or 0, we solve this as 1, coz B=3. Also there is NO zero on E dial, thus E=1, in addition, 0<E<2 thus, E must be greater than 0 and smaller than 2, only 1 is greater than 0, and yet smaller than 2!

"C" dial
C*B=o, then since B=3, then C=0, I think u must turn the C dial to 1 and -1, you cant set zero coz there is no zero on C, but when I turn this C dial, it always light up 2 digits, thus, its either 1, 0, or -1, 0, or 1, -1. Thus turn press till u see 1, -1 for this dial.

"D" dial
Since D/B=A, and B=3, A=2, thus, D=6


1) There is no ZERO dial on B, thus B is not possible to be zero, if u try the combination:

1) 1+4=5
2) 2+3=5
3) 3+2=5
4) 4+1=5
5) 5+0=5

I already explained abt "B" dial having no Zeros, thus, u are left with 1) to 4) in the combination list above. Then u work your way thru

Hope this helps

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[Post New]by Katie630 on Nov 15, 12 7:37 AM
Oh My Word!
How can I ever thank you! I would NEVER have figured that one out. My brain shuts down totally when I come across things like this.
Hope this doesn't ruin it for others.. but I sincerely appreciate your help!

Addition: I had already dialed to the upsidedown "A".. no panels opened. I think this must be part of my mass confusion even though my brain still doesn't like equations.

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[Post New]by Katie630 on Nov 15, 12 2:34 PM
OOPS... yelled "wolf" too quick! Got it.. and again.. many thanks for your help!

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