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Detailed help needed

[Post New]by kimistry on Nov 16, 12 6:05 AM
Wow. This game has me beat from the beginning. I, and I'm sure others, need detailed help on each scenario. I'm wiped out on the very first one after the learning scenario (Quiet Harbor)! If someone has beaten each section, could you please tell us who you used as your hero each time, which troops you purchased with your non-existent money and their placement, as well as which quests and armies to go after and when. I think that would be tremendous help, since there are no cheats or walkthroughs. In essence, it would be a walkthrough after that!

The other help I've read gives tips on buying items and armies that require a lot of gold. I'm never at a point where I have more than 50, and it disappears the minute I step out of the building because of troop cost. Then, the time is wasted trying to collect money just to keep them in my employ. Even if I choose to take the gifts instead of pay, I can't afford new troops or resurrection in time to fulfill the quests. The point about leaving armies in a castle to avoid payment doesn't work here. There is no castle to leave them in.

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Re:Detailed help needed

[Post New]by spd347 on Dec 30, 12 2:33 AM
Check the hints on the forum of the makers of this game:

I often leave troops somewhere to save gold. In Quiet Harbor you can do the same...

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