Alpha Kimori Edition 2

[Post New]by MirageMyst on Nov 17, 12 2:15 PM
I've seen many questions regarding this and no answers. I would prefer to purchase Alpha Kimori 2 from Big Fish but don't know when they will have it for purchase. The Alpha Kimori website already has the 2nd edition available. When oh when can I buy this game from Big Fish???


Re:Alpha Kimori Edition 2

[Post New]by KatieMajik on Feb 2, 13 10:55 AM
You are absolutely right. I would much prefer buying thru BigFish but if they wait too long I may go surfing elsewhere. I love Episode one. If Episode 2 is as good it is a done deal. When will Alpha Kimori Episode 2 be available?

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Re:Alpha Kimori Edition 2

[Post New]by AlphaKimori on Mar 9, 13 9:52 PM
It's up!!!

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