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ending of CE versus Se

[Post New]by cocky2 on Nov 17, 12 3:30 PM
What did I miss by not getting theCE?
If I had waited til today I could have bought the CE on sale,
The ending is strange, will there be a sequel

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Re:ending of CE versus Se

[Post New]by amminnc on Nov 18, 12 4:03 PM
Yes, the ending was very strange and ambiguous, so I'm guessing there will be another sequel coming. I don't know what happened at the end of the CE, would be interested in hearing from others.


Re:ending of CE versus Se

[Post New]by angelofmusic62 on Dec 10, 12 11:59 AM
Sounds like there will be a shadow wolf part 4. Just like in the movies though, the sequels are never as good.

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