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the stone eye

[Post New]by 77Emma77 on Nov 18, 12 11:39 AM
was supposed to be found at 21st HOG, according to the walkthrough.
not in my case. i have completed some of the tasks far after other people obtained this stone eye (i guess it goes into the stone hand on the door). but no, i cannot find it. i went through the whole game few times, checked with hint every scene, no help.

i cannot move on.

any suggestions?
i do not want to start playing again.


Re:the stone eye

[Post New]by Hogdragon33 on Sep 19, 13 6:23 PM
I am pretty sure I did find it in a hog....I think it is near the swamp....hope I'm not remembering the wrong one, but there is an eye inside a mask underwater...The hog is around a huge tree....This isn't much help...it's blue with a little white and blk pupil....it's flat like the hand, but I don't think you can tell until you get it. Sorry if this didn't help, but I'm sure of the part about it being in a hog.

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