Solutions for Fitness Center Minigame

[Post New]by gamefan10 on Nov 19, 12 6:56 PM
Following the advice of a couple of other people, I went to Options and turned off Full Screen Size. This made the game take up a smaller area and therefore it took less time to move around to click. You could do it faster.

Also, someone else said that if you say the colors out loud as you're playing, it helps you to concentrate more. It really did help. Using these two things, I FINALLY was able to finish the Fitness Center minigame after thinking I was going to have to give up and quit playing the game.

One other thing I thought of that might help - - if you could get someone else to call out the colors for you, so all you have to do is click on the wheel, that might help. Half the problem is that you are trying to look in two places at the same time. So if you are having trouble with this one, get a friend to call out the colors for you so all you have to do is look in one place where you are clicking.

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