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Jigsaw Galore-Size

[Post New]by armadillogirl on Nov 20, 12 3:36 PM
Is there a way to enlarge the picture? When I lower the size of the pieces, the picture gets smaller (ofcourse). Sometimes I'd like to make the pieces smaller but keep the size of the picture the same. I haven't found a way to do that...anybody know? I have seen it where the picture is already kind of small but the pieces are large, these I call the easy ones because if I make the pieces smaller, the whole picture is then too small.


Re:Jigsaw Galore-Size

[Post New]by Jigsaws_Galore on Nov 21, 12 5:04 PM
What you really mean is "How to change the number of pieces".

How to change the number of pieces and start over:
Each jigsaw contains a suggested number of pieces, based on how hard I think the picture is to solve. To override these settings, start the game and find the large green button marked "Choose...". Click this for a menu which will override the suggested settings in the jigsaws. One of these settings is the number of pieces so if you like, say, 300 pieces then select Number of pieces, select Custom and type in 300 there. You can type any number you like, from 4 to 64,000 pieces. Now any un-started jigsaw will have approximately that many pieces.

If you want to return to our suggested settings then choose "Use jigsaw default".

Only un-started jigsaws will be affected by this setting. To start a jigsaw over, right-click the jigsaw's thumbnail icon on the main screen and select "Start over". Then next time you start it, it will have the new number of pieces you chose. If you only have one mouse button, use ctrl-click to get a right-click. If you have a trackpad, use two fingers to get a right-click. To start over lots of jigsaws, rubber band select them first.

You could alternatively right-click a jigsaw thumbnail and select "Edit" to edit the cut of just that one jigsaw.

If you want to make your jigsaws *really* hard, a great way is to enable rotating pieces on the Options menu. Enabling rotation will make your jigsaw extremely difficult, even for low numbers of pieces. Use your mouse's scroll wheel to rotate pieces.

There are a number of other right-click menus in the main screen, and in the screen where you solve a puzzle. Have fun finding them!

~ David

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