Really enjoyed this game !!!

[Post New]by Sapphire_Glints on Feb 15, 09 7:17 AM

Superb, clear, admirable, colorful and beautiful scenes. Especially loved the beach cabana, lighthouse and too many others to mention The ocean was lovely to look at!

Easy and fun to play even when multi-tasking, because of the generous available hints. Did not get stuck straining to find objects I did not want to bother with, because of the plentiful hints. This made the game really enjoyable!

The mini-puzzles are brightly colored (each scene lovely to look at, just like the rest of the game!) - easy on the eyes and big pieces, easy and fun to pop into place.

Out of several hidden object games I own, I found this the best so far

Congratulations and much gratitude to the very talented people who made this game, and to everyone who had a part in presenting this game to the community!!

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Re:Really enjoyed this game !!!

[Post New]by LilBit65 on Mar 19, 09 6:33 PM
I have played this game three times already and loved it all three times. The colors and graphics are great.

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Re:Really enjoyed this game !!!

[Post New]by silkywings on Jun 2, 10 10:59 PM
I agree with both of you. It seems most people found it too easy but I loved it. Beautiful clear graphics and I loved the piano in the water...why not...stir it up a lttle bit. Thanks for the great game.

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Re:Really enjoyed this game !!!

[Post New]by Purple_One on Jun 3, 10 1:34 AM
Hi silkywings, I truly love this game and the unlimited stuff at the end which you can play over and over again. With my memory, it is almost new to me every time i do them all again. No heavy, time-consuming story, I hate those with stories; especially the ones who tell you things like "I wonder if there is a bottle of water, a a can of soda, a cookie, and a pack of matches here." so whoooppie, you get to look for 4 items...then they say, "i sure could use a 3 postcards, a pen, 3 stamps, and a mailbox right now." etc etc etc etc. It takes forever to get through that kind of game and very boring, too. just mho. i love untimed games also, wish they all that feature. I am playing one that i have had to replay a scene at least 5 times already, oh, sorry, guess I got off track. bad habit of mine. i'm sure others love the story ones, but if i want a story, i'll go read one of my book waiting form for me. God bless

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