Black Camp seems impossible

[Post New]by mamapeach417 on Nov 25, 12 6:46 PM
I've been trying for 2 weeks now & just can't get it. Made it to the bronze cup but can't get gold. Please, any help out there?

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Re: Black Camp seems impossible

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Mar 25, 13 8:13 PM
First, what NOT to do. Don't build those required Training Grounds until you're reaching the required 200 town capacity AND have enough food for that many.

Now, in certain other circumstances, well trained soldier-cops are essential for increasing town security, thus permitting a greater population. But here your needed attack capacity more-or-less automatically provides that much security w/o Training Grounds. So you don't need those draining gold while they do absolutely nothing toward destroying the monsters.

Other than that, I simply established my usual pattern w/ most or all buildings available when nothing needs to be sold:

* Buy maximum Wood and Stone.
* Increase your staff to 4 Workers and 1 Hero.
* Build a Trader House. Upgrade it. This gives you a day's start on everything that's about to drain your coffers.
* Build a Farm, Lumber Mill, and Stone Mine. When each is ravaged by monsters--and they mostly will be--Upgrade rather than Repair (until each becomes Royal). If any survive unscathed, Upgrade as feasible anyway.
* Build a Barracks. Build and Upgrade a Wizard Tower to go w/ your existing Mage Tower, which should soon be Upgraded, too. By now attack wave #1 should start.
* Build and Upgrade more Trader Houses. I think I got up to 3 before I started building Town Houses, but I should perhaps have had 2 or 3 more; I ended up building quite a lot at the end, to get the required income. On the other hand, Town Houses generate revenue, too.
* It should go w/o saying, but: Buy Wood and Stone as required and possible. Take advantage of Events as they occur. (Except for raising taxes, which I've never yet found to be useful on balance.)
* Build and Upgrade another Wizard Tower. Build a Mage Academy to make offense more effective.
* After each wave of attacks, check for damage and if at all possible (and it usually should be) Upgrade as noted above.
* If at any time you need Stone and have more Wood than necessary: Build a plain House (250 Wood, 2 Workers), and immediately demolish it to get 1,000 gp. Buy Stone.
* Militarily, I think I ended up w/ 3 Wizard Towers, a couple of Royal Barracks, and a Royal Mage Tower.
* Obviously, you need enough Town Houses for the required 200 population and enough Trader Houses to supplement them up to the required 2K gp income. Toward both ends, it helps to have one or two Royal Inns multiply population, along w/ a grain Mill, a Bakery or two, and a 2nd Farm.

I finished my most recent pass in 14 wks 4 days.

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