Natalie's Studio in the 1st case

[Post New]by bxrmom528 on Nov 26, 12 10:03 AM
I need to get into the locked room that is in Natalie's studio. I can't find the key anywhere. When I click 'clue' it highlights the door, where the boxes that I moved, used to be. I have looked everywhere, and I can't find the key.

Hope someone can help me.

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Re:Natalie's Studio in the 1st case

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Nov 26, 12 11:59 AM
Hi bxrmom528,

I scrolled through the walkthrough another Fishy - gingergal - has posted here for this case.

This is what she says about getting the key:

gingergal wrote:Go to Natalie’s workshop and use doctor’s letter on her.

-Use trolley on crates by door, click on crates to put on cart, move cart out of way.
-put poster under door, paintbrush in keyhole take poster to get key.

Hope that helps!


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