Missing mid round challenge in PC version

[Post New]by proweddingphotos on Nov 28, 12 7:40 PM
In the PC version, when I play a side challenge mid game, occasionally one comes up that says "missing", with "missing" listed right below it, while a golf ball bounces off a rock in the background video.

Did this game get released without the code being written for this challenge? Will it ever be added in an update?


P.S.: I completed getting three stars on every course in the third or fourth level...don't remember which level now... but didn't get the $5K golf bucks bonus. I had grown tired of playing that one remaining course in the pack that I hadn't conquored yet and had left that game pack to play elsewhere for a while, as a break, then returned to the pack and completed it. Did I blow the bonus bucks by leaving, then coming back to complete it later?

I worked hard to get the big bonus, as I had just discovered that I could use the golf bucks to purchase such things as an iron detector in the golf store and had looked forwards to doing so, only to be let down when it wasn't awarded after my hard work to earn it.

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