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[Post New]by nanabare7 on Nov 29, 12 10:46 AM
I have played this level many times, and keep coming up just a hair short of 3 stars. Can anyone help?

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[Post New]by simlady40 on Nov 30, 12 6:21 AM
im stuck also - cant even get to one star - what do you start with first? I tried upgrading warehouse to get more products - pls help

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[Post New]by BronzeLady on Nov 30, 12 11:05 AM
I made it to two stars and still trying for 3. What i start with (for about 99% of the levels) is the sawmill. Then i cut down one tree and then immediately upgrade the hut/house or whatever it is called. By the time the hut is finished, the first wood pile soon pops up. As i said .. this works for most levels. Any tips out thr for getting 3 stars for this level?



[Post New]by heinenilsen on Nov 30, 12 2:06 PM
I also struggled a lot, but suddenly made it easily with lots of time left..Here is what I think I did (it goes so fast, I'm struggling to remember..)

Build sawmill and chop one tree. Upgrade the camp.
Collect food from bush and timber. Then food again and chop another tree.
Remove stone to the right and build steelwork (Don't upgrade during the entire level).

Build bridge to the left and remove tree to the right. Collect food and vase to the left. Collect timber (always do when available during the entire level) and build passing to the right and hunters cabin.

Now things slows down a bit. You should be low on food now, so not much you can do. Collect timber, gold and food whenever possible. Upgrade camp again and remove snow to the right when you can. Build the elevator and upgrade the sawmill. Collect food to the right. You should try to collect food from the lower level whenever it pops up.

Next build the stone mine (do not bother with the bonus for now) and remove the snow to the upper level. From now on always try to collect stone whenever it pops up. Upgrade the hunters cabin, build the warehouse and repair the stairs to the upper level.

Now head for the bonus and send all your guys to the upper level, one time for collecting food and the next time for working the wall. Don't bother collecting during this time. After the bonus has run out, collect all resources and upgrade to 4 workers.

From now on it's fast the upper level whenever possible, remove snow, trees, collect vase and build wall. Always have one worker on the lower level though, collecting resources, stones being nr. 1 priority. You may struggle with food, send all workers to collect if so. Upgrade stone mine and warehouse when possible.

Finally build the fort. Stone is probably the resource you are missing to get it built, so collect all stones lying around (two on upper level and one to the lower left) as well as collecting from the mine.

That is what I think I did.. I had atleast half a cm left to the 3 star deadline..
Hope it helps!

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[Post New]by 123mikey321 on Nov 30, 12 2:48 PM
Funny, I just replayed level to remember what I did and was going to post as I finished w/ a fair bit of time left too.

My biggest difference was after sawmill and extra man I chopped trees to build bridge and then the Hunters Hut. Moved to the right meanwhile building the Steel. As soon as I got through to the right built the warehouse. Upgraded sawmill while building elevator, then stone, then upgraded warehouse and stone. Moved up the hill, got the wood pieces. At this point I had 3 guys, then got the fourth, cleared to the Fort and checked supplies. Usually you were short wood so I started building wall and collecting food wood and stone. Then if I had enough gold I would chop the rocks and build the wall as long as that didn't put me below the level of the fort. As soon as you could build fort, do, then concentrate on the wall and the rocks in the way. I forgot to use the speed bonus but still had plenty of time left. Don't forget the vases on the way. Good Luck.

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[Post New]by cc_callie on Dec 3, 12 8:25 AM
Thanks Heinenilsen and Mikey, I've just cracked this level with your hints - and it helped that I noticed the time stop and production bonuses on the top level which I missed the first few times I played!!



[Post New]by SexyViciousAngel on Dec 31, 12 8:56 AM
Where are the time stop and production bonuses?? I never see them!



[Post New]by CalledMomByThree on Dec 31, 12 4:01 PM
I don't see any other bonus' other than the fast workers - have moved my mouse all over the place and missing it - any hints on where to look for them? Can get close to three stars but still missing it - can see that a time stop and production would help greatly.



[Post New]by Missglitz on Jun 5, 13 10:29 AM
I don't get the two bonuses at the top either. Is there something you have to do to get them? This is the only level that I don't have three stars

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