Lots of bugs or issues with this game

[Post New]by mestherv on Nov 29, 12 2:09 PM
Really would be an amazing game if they would fix the buggy clicking issue. Several items won't let you click on them the latest being the glass cutter you need to make the stained glass window . Once you hit these bugs you cannot advance, so unless it decides to work after 100 tries you just cannot play. I am done trying until they make a fix for this game. It is too annoying to click on one object for over an hour. So guys when you fix all the other issues also fix the glass cutter so you can take it from the tool box and then make it cut glass. Reading other posts seems like that is an issue too.

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Re:Lots of bugs or issues with this game

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Nov 29, 12 4:07 PM
Hi mestherv and welcome to the Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you've had such trouble with this game! If you haven't already done so, please get in touch with our Tech Support Team. They'll be able to collect information from you about those issues that will really help us figure out where they're coming from.

You can read more about how to contact them in the post we've created here.

Also, we would like to collect posts about any tech issues that come up with this game in the specific thread here. This helps us track recurring problems and get updates out to you quickly. I'm going to lock this separate thread now, but you're welcome to post over there again if you'd like.

Thank you!


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