Risk Issue and question

[Post New]by bj7greene on Nov 29, 12 8:37 PM
Played Risk tonight for first time. Received a message stating, "Windowed mode is not supported on current display." I tried different resolutions but that didn't work. Anyone know solution for this? Also, if I continue the game loads OK in portrait mode but I can't find my mouse pointer and must "hunt in the dark" to find a selectable icon. Perhaps I just need to tweak something. Any suggestions. I really loved the old board game and was hoping to try the PC version. I am running Win 7.


Re:Risk Issue and question

[Post New]by meredithanne1 on Dec 5, 12 9:22 AM
I am playing on a Mac and receive the same message upon start-up. I haven't had any problems finding the cursor, but my game likes to freeze frequently and then I have to restart my computer and the whole game. I posted a week ago in the technical issues forum, but BFG must have stopped monitoring this forum, because I received no reply. I'll be sure to post a response to you if I figure out how to stop the "windowed mode" warning, but I'm seriously fed up with trying things. I'm pretty close to just deleting the game and asking for my money back. If you are still in the trial phase of the game, don't buy it! It's full of problems!

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