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Fatal Error on Load - Video Drivers?

[Post New]by akrosie on Feb 15, 09 6:24 PM
I was so excited to see a new time mgmt game, a new sim game, that I used my game pass to buy the full version before even playing the demo! Why wouldn't I be able to play it - I play all the other games w/o a problem! Except for the Farm game that STILL has the bug in it that still cause it to crash time and again in the same place when nearly finished w/ a level an hours or more into it... I had Dl'd the game via Real Arcade - you know how helpful they are... I come straight to the powers that be...

I'm getting a Fatal error before the game even loads - so I haven't even seen the first screen - something about my video drivers needing to be updated! I've updated my video drivers... so 'm at a loss... anyone out there feel like assisting a fellow game addict?

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Re:Fatal Error on Load - Video Drivers?

[Post New]by MNHawk on Feb 22, 09 4:00 AM
The only fix I have found for this is to change your display option to 800x600 then the game will run.

For some reason when it trys to change the display to 800x600 from which ever you maybe currently using, it causes a fatal error which causes the game to crash. This is for the Intel Graphic users.

Sad when a player can find a fix that Big Fish Customer Support and Tech Team are CLUELESS on solving I really think they need to get better people in to support their games. As so far Customer Support has been a (EDIT) JOKE

Customer Support and Tech tried to tell me my drivers and ect where out of date and that it was my system. Well when you are running the most current equiptment, with everything up to date, directX current, this is the only responce they will give you. WHAT A JOKE why not just say sorry we dont have a clue due to we are incompatent to solve our problem with the games due to we dont program them we just host them from other companys and dont offer to our customers their patch files and fixes for game issues or even show our customers the respect to contact the orginal company with the issue so that they can work on a patch or fix for it. We got our money and that is all we are worried about, we dont care about our customers just our pay checks.


Re:Fatal Error on Load - Video Drivers?

[Post New]by freebmama on Jul 7, 09 4:32 PM
Ok. I tried changing the display to 800x600, but it still crashed. Any advice now? I wanna PLAY!!! lol.


Re:Fatal Error on Load - Video Drivers?

[Post New]by vbuyea on Jul 17, 09 5:02 PM
I have the same fatal error while loading. My computer was already set at 800x600. Is there anything that can be done? I have an updated driver already.


Re:Fatal Error on Load - Video Drivers?

[Post New]by kymberlynd on Oct 15, 09 9:31 AM
Try updating your bios,and then reinstall your video drivers, if you do not know how call your tech support.......these games install their own drivers or put an attatchment to your driver so it needs your screen at the lower resolution, the only solution that we discovered is to uninstall the program or to reinstall the game and understand that it can adjust your resolution without your consent......i use nvidea and it really messed up my system.


Re:Fatal Error on Load - Video Drivers?

[Post New]by kymberlynd on Oct 15, 09 9:40 AM
One other note. If you have a new system with a high end graphics card, this game is geared to a lower end graphics card, so your's maybe to high tech so to speak. Good luck!


Re:Fatal Error on Load - Video Drivers?

[Post New]by TexasCyclone on Jul 5, 11 5:56 PM
Having the same problem on my mac. I hear music but the game never displays. I have to force quit to stop it.

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