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Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow DD 12/2/12

[Post New]by gamergirl675 on Dec 2, 12 3:12 AM
This is a steal at this price! Yes it shows it's age a little but still is one of my favorite games and well worth the $2.99 price. It's pretty much a straight hog but the story alone is worth the price... yummy scary narrator and classic Sleepy Hollow story.

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Re:Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow DD 12/2/12

[Post New]by Euskalduna on Dec 2, 12 4:51 AM
Go for it! A very entertaining game, and at this price a fine deal. Washington Irving would be proud of it.

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Re:Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow DD 12/2/12

[Post New]by minesita on Dec 2, 12 9:16 AM
When I bought this game in 2008, I liked a lot. Now, because I don't want more games straight HO, is kind of a dissapointment. For people who still love a lot of HOG they should do at least a trial. It's true the game it's so dark and also I didn't liked the end, it looked to be continued.
But good for the DEVS , they evolve with the years and made such beautiful games as Beauty and the Beast and others .
Thank you BF for all your nice sales , and Merry Christmas to all the fishies in the Pond!

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Re:Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow DD 12/2/12

[Post New]by Pepper010 on Dec 2, 12 9:39 AM
This is a great game. Even though it's older, it's held up well. I've played it several times.

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Re:Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow DD 12/2/12

[Post New]by jellow10 on Dec 2, 12 12:10 PM
I don't know why I like this game but I do. I don't even look at straight HOGs anymore, but I'm really thinking about getting this one........again (because I think I have it on an older laptop from a different company and I'm not sure I could still play it). A DD and a double punch weekend--works for me.

ETA: It seems to me when I played this game before the only choice was timed and now you can choose relaxed. So I exited and went back to the game with a new profile to try it in the timed version and --guess what? -- most of the objects on the search list were new! So this game has a lot of replayability.....another point in its favor.

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Re:Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow DD 12/2/12

[Post New]by Old_Man_River on Dec 2, 12 1:40 PM
I can see why this game was #1 in 2008, but the click penalty annoys me in 2012. Sorry, even for 2.99 it's a no buy. BTW, the promo splash shows as 6.99 with bonus punch. What's up?

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Re:Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow DD 12/2/12

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Dec 2, 12 8:17 PM
This Mystery Legends was not as interesting and interactive as the more recent ones, but I thought it well worth the $2.99, especially with a bonus punch.

Graphics are beautifully drawn, and a delight to look at, so I didn't mind the sometimes small or extremely well-hidden objects.
There are 12 chapters in the game, with 4 and sometimes, 5 Hog scenes per chapter.

Hogs: There are approximately 50 total Hog scenes in the game. Some scenes you will revisit.. There are 21 separate "locations".
HOgs are "find items on the list" type, with 12 items to find per scene. Note: In every chapter, there is an option not to find the final two items, and move on to "solve the mystery"
Solve the mystery is at the end of each chapter, and simply consists of finding 15 of one item and 15 of another item in a scene.

Puzzles: Mini-puzzles are located within the Hog scenes and when solved, they eliminate an item on the Hog list.
There are 24 mini-puzzles in the game (2 per chapter)
Mini puzzles cannot be skipped, but they are extremely easy.
There are 6 types of mini puzzles that are repeated throughout the game. These include piecing items together, fitting items in to a space, placing pins correctly on a voodoo doll, matching , move items in a space to reveal 12 of "something" underneath, and jigsaw type puzzle.

Hints: You are given 3 hints per chapter and do not have to wait for re-charge to use them.
You can earn an additional hint per Hog scene by locating the pumpkin.
Accumulated hints cannot be carried over to the next chapter.
Note: I sometimes found that even with a hint, I could not find the object. However, if you hover the cursor over an item on the list, a silhouette appears inside the pumpkin above the hints counter on the bottom left of the screen.
Voiceovers: A narrator reads the story as you progress through the chapters, and a menacing voice interjects every now and then throughout the game.
There is a chapter summary at the end of each chapter, and it includes: percent accuracy, jack-o-lanterns found, hints used, chapter time, total time.
Options button includes: music, ambience, sound fx, and full screen.
Map: You can use the map to jump from scene to scene
There is a scores button that lists the "best times".

Overall, I was disappointed that the game was not interactive, but the voiceovers, beautiful scenery and the bonus punch made this a fine choice for my collection.

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