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Cheats for Alexander the Great

[Post New]by GMMan_BZFlag on Dec 5, 12 11:22 AM
Here is a non-exhaustive list of cheats you can use. They were originally designed for testing by the developer, but it works for the player non the less.

To activate a cheat code, type the code any time during the game. You can then use the keys listed to do certain actions. The codes last for the remainder of the game, but do not carry over the next time you launch the game, so they will have to be reentered.

F12: Show framerate (None/FPS/FPS + memory usage)
F10: Toggle effects (note: disabling effects may hinder your gameplay, but if your computer is too slow to handle the game this might help)
F8: Toggle overdraw view - turns textures into translucent gray squares (not much of a cheat, but could be interesting to look at)

F1: Show hint without waiting for the compass to fill
Ctrl-F1: "Autoclick" on an item. Works in HOG mode and in certain scenes it opens doors and minigames.
S: Refill hint compass/skip button (allows you fast hints and instant minigame skips)

Ctrl/Shift-0..7: Change game speed. See table:
0: 0x (freeze)
1: 1x (normal)
2: 2x
3: 4x
4: 8x:
5: 16x
6: 32x
7: 64x
Hold Ctrl and the number to activate that speed, or Shift and the number to activate the inverse of that speed. (e.g. Ctrl-4 for 8x speed, Shift-4 for 1/8x speed)
It's useful for slowing down the game so you can enjoy all of the special effects. Speech and sounds will not be affected. Certain graphical elements (like the sheen on crystals) and minigame interfaces will not be affected.

This code acts a bit differently in it's a code and button at the same time. Type it to enable showing collision maps, where the screen will have a blue and green overlay with checkerboard patterns. Green indicates that the object is clickable, and blue hides all of the objects behind it so they won't respond to clicks. Useful for finishing the HOGs in record time (actually, Ctrl-F1 is faster). But don't do it if it's your first playthrough, because it'll ruin the game for you. Type in the code again to turn off the overlay.

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