Leveling Up in Ailin

[Post New]by Bigfishette on Dec 5, 12 10:26 PM
I am stuck in Ailin Cave/Village. No supplies left. No gold. HP/MP rapidly depletes fighting monsters. Been "continuing" for hours trying to make some gains. I'm in easy mode. Found only 2 nuggets for dwarf. Not high enough level to defeat troll to get goat. Very frustrated. Am I going to have to start over from the beginning? I've checked every trunk and chest I could find and got the armor but doesn't seem to help. Thanks. I really think I missed something somewhere.

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Re:Leveling Up in Ailin

[Post New]by Eridani on Dec 6, 12 1:01 AM
Hi - is this in Pachu's Swamp where you are after the offering?

You need to get Leah up to about Level 8 if you want to gain a spell that will make killing the troll a lot easier.

In each area there are a few monsters that keep reappearing, so you can use these ones that you can defeat to help build up your characters by refighting them and getting the experience. Some of the ones will be easier than normal so fighting them, going back off screen, coming back to fight them again may help you build up experience points.

Remember you can sleep in the village at any point, and there's a couple of shops there.

In the caves, to the west, I believe there is a weapon for Miriel - have you found that?

If the fights just aren't your thing, there is the story mode available but that would mean restarting - in this mode you only fight certain main battles and are boosted for them.

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Re:Leveling Up in Ailin

[Post New]by Bigfishette on Dec 7, 12 3:02 AM
Thanks for the help Eridani. I;ve played RPG games for a few years. This one is just too frustrating and gave up. Looked and looked found no weapon only some armor. Maybe try again next year or when there's a walkthrough. Have a great holiday.


Re:Leveling Up in Ailin

[Post New]by jlmaynard2 on Dec 8, 12 7:19 AM
I believe Bigfishette actually means the Ailin Caves when Leah meets her new parents and Tilthan right after she is kidnapped.

In case anyone else is having the same problem (I took the "Normal" level of difficulty) the only success I have been having was from fighting one enemy at a time, then returning to the home cave to sleep/regenerate as needed, then returning back to the caves to fight. The fight-sleep-fight-sleep strategy worked well, but it requires a TON of patience (I must have made the trip at least 24 times and my step count was close to 8000). And then an extra half ton of patience for good measure. I was up to level six before I could get to the third part of that cave system. One key to this method is that you need to fight ALL the enemies - particularly the ones that respawn, even on the way back home. And save often.

Another method that works less well is you can let Leah defend and let Tilthan do the fighting, or use Tilthan's Rock Dance...that does a nice bit of damage, but you'll have to return to the home cave to restore his mana. Same principle - save often.

In the 2nd of the inner caves there is a pair of hunter boots, which I put on Leah, which helped her defense a bit, but it wasn't by much. Keep saving often.

Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone else having the same difficulty! And for the love of all that is good and holy, save often!

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