I'm clicking too soon and missing clues!!

[Post New]by kcasey503 on Dec 6, 12 1:07 PM
I've done this twice, I think. When I solved the zodiac puzzle, I clicked on the letter that appeared, and it went to my inventory. I then dragged it to the candle flame to "read" it, but I was too quick and clicked on it before the note had fully displayed. I'd lost my chance to read the message, because it was then a "found item" and disappeared. Is it gone forever, or can it be retrieved again? I don't see a place, like a "journal," to access it.

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Re:I'm clicking too soon and missing clues!!

[Post New]by elijah5 on Dec 6, 12 3:18 PM
Hi kcasey503 & welcome to the Pond,
There was no message to read, when you put the letter over the candle, and the image appeared, was only a picture of a celtic cross.

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