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Todays DD December 7 2012

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Dec 7, 12 1:44 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Great for a DD

[Post New]by technocratee on Dec 7, 12 1:20 PM
Definitely worth the DD. Objects are in miniatures. Graphics a bit fuzzy. But good to play a different kind of HOPA.

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Re:Todays DD December 7 2012

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Dec 7, 12 8:46 PM
This is a very interesting and unique hidden object game. For those who do not like searching for endless useless objects, you will be happy to discover that objects to be found serve a purpose to progress in the game.

There are no voiceovers.

There is no map.

There is only one mode of play.

Options include sound, music and ambient volume control; full screen, and mute all sound.

There is a notebook/journal containing clues/codes for puzzles, and goals for each chapter. There are 7 chapters outlined in the notebook, and each chapter has 6 goals to accomplish. Note: Three times in the game, the codes/clues did not transfer to the notebook, so I had to backtrack and make notes/draw diagrams on a piece of paper. However, for the most part, it did work.

Hogs: There are only 4 "traditional" Hogs, including "find items on a list" or " find so many of an item".
Objects to be found are really inventory items. There are 16 objects to be found in each chapter, and these objects are spread around all the scenes in each chapter.
There are between 5 and 8 scenes in every chapter.
Some objects are combined in the "magic mixer" to make new objects.

Puzzles: There are approximately 18 unique puzzles in the game. They can be skipped.

Hints recharge in about 30 seconds.

There is a lot of interaction in this game.

A few problems: 1. When I returned to the game after purchasing, it had not saved my last chapter. I exited the game twice more during the day, but had no trouble with the game not saving. However, when I returned to the game after completing it so that I could check on details for this review, I found that my last three chapters that I had played had not saved.
2. Some items that needed to be placed would not "stick". One puzzle took me 15 minutes to complete because the last item to be placed would not stay on.

Overall, I would recommend trying this game. I plan on playing it again !

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