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Matching Toys in Santa's Sack to the Wish List Drawings

[Post New]by KatzHome on Dec 7, 12 5:33 AM
NEVERMIND.... I feel like a jerk... put the toys in the circles under the pictures ~ that how you match them up... I was kinda falling asleep when playing... I posted this question at around 5 o'clock in the morning... and had only slept a couple of hours... now I'm going to play a bit more ~ and it looks like I'm going to spend the day sleeping... which is good ~ I'm in a Christmas Show tonight and will be up late again...
Merry Christmas everyone!

How do I match the toys in Santa's sack to the Wish List Drawings at the top of the page?

I found the toys, I could move them... I tried putting the toys on top of the drawings and they just went back into the sack...

And they had to be the right toys... there is a drawing of a horse and a horse in the sack... I don't think I was wrong in the toys I picked out...

What do I have to do to make a match?

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