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Need help for the game?

[Post New]by Mr_Krabs on Dec 7, 12 12:46 PM
I quite often use Big Fish walkthroughs when they're available, but there's something else that I've been using for years which is really helpful - the Universal Hint System website at Like the Big Fish forum, it has hundreds of games listed, including Egypt III. Click into the game you want and you'll find the answers are broken up into the various sections of the game.

It's different from a walkthrough, in that it doesn't give you the answer straight away, but you keep clicking for more hints until you get as far as you need. Sometimes I need the full answer, but sometimes I just want to get started on the right track and then try to work the rest out for myself. It takes a bit more time to drill down to the info you need and there's no forum, but you can get invaluable help from it.

Hope this helps you as it has me.

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