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DON'T buy this game

[Post New]by KimVJ on Dec 9, 12 1:16 AM
I bought the game (actually I used a free game credit) and now I wish I could have it back. I read the comments about what a great game it was and decided to give it a shot. I played the 1 hour demo but since other people had such great things to say about it, I assumed it got better as it went along. Big mistake. It didn't.

What's keeping me from finishing it is the problem of getting the crystal from the altar that several people are having, but really, the glitch isn't the reason to avoid it, don't get this game because it's BORING. IT'S DULL.

The gameplay consists mostly 3 actions: clicking the WORK button (to get money), clicking the LEARN button (to learn skills and spells (which you'll use once and then never need to again)), and clicking the REST button.

Example of gameplay: work work work rest rest rest learn learn learn (repeat pattern FOR HOURS). There are a few -find this or that- quests but 90% of the game is work/rest/learn.

Doing the same thing hour after hour wouldn't be so bad if the work/rest/learn screens weren't so dull. On the work screen you hear the sound of coins jiggling. On the learn screen, it's pages fluttering. And at rest, it's a ticking clock. And they never change.

What makes it really... really dull is that there are only 6 or 7 characters in the town, and none of them, NONE, has a personality. They have an image representation, a hot girl or guy, none of them are distinctive or interesting in any way.

The best I can say is that the dark vampygoth setting is unusual for a casual game, but there's no substance under the style.

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Re:DON'T buy this game

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Dec 9, 12 1:44 AM
Heya KimVJ,

Thanks for reviewing Twilight City: Love as a Cure! I'm sorry to hear that the game was so boring for you, though .

As we want to try and keep all reviews in one place, you can find our Reviews for Twilight City: Love as a Cure thread stickied to the top of this Forum.

If you'd prefer to just have a chat about the game with other Fishies, you can always go ahead and check out our 'Comments' thread as well!

That way, we can keep the Forum open for any new game questions and we can also collect feedback for the developers much more easily. I'll be locking this thread now but feel free to post in any of the threads mentioned above .

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Happy diving!


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