Apiary level

[Post New]by bonnie7000 on Dec 9, 12 8:17 PM
After you build the apiary it says to make 3 moves within 3 seconds. I can not do it. I've tried numerous times. Any suggestions? What happens if I skip it? At the end of the game will it say I did not finish the game? Can I move on and go back later to do it?

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Re:Apiary level

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Dec 10, 12 5:12 PM
Welcome to the pond, bonnie7000

If you don't do this trick you won't get one of the citizens and not be able to get some of the trophies (all citizens, all trophies won). I don't count the moves, because that makes me go slower. Try it on a board that is relatively open and doesn't have a lot of stone blocks or ropes. If you don't do it on your first pass through the 100 levels, you can replay adventure mode under the same player name and gain this citizen later.

The "not finishing the game" message means you didn't buy all the buildings before finishing level 100.

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