Radio Puzzle - Freeze

[Post New]by letourneah on Dec 11, 12 5:30 PM
Hi All,

I've made it to the electronics shack/radio tower where I have no choice but to go in and attempt the radio puzzle, but once I'm in I can't get out. I can't click anywhere. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
I've tried reinstalling the game but no luck.



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Re:Radio Puzzle - Freeze

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Jan 17, 13 6:34 AM
you may need to get in touch with tech support.-------------------doug & lisa


Re:Radio Puzzle - Freeze

[Post New]by Barbara2001 on Jul 5, 13 2:51 AM
ditto to Helene. Realy enjoyed game until now.

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Re:Radio Puzzle - Freeze

[Post New]by question99 on Oct 28, 13 9:18 AM
has anyone solved this problem? I just hit it yesterday. I only have 8 of 9 spiders and a bottle of growth inhibitor and I can't figure out anything else that I can do that might help me get past this bug in the game. It would be great if I could pick up that piece of glass and keep going.

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