Guild Wars 2:Wintersday Event Page Updated

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The event page for Wintersday has been updated! Here are some of the event highlights:

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New Wintersday Items in the Gem Store: With festive town clothes, wintery weapon skins, and chests full of holiday treasures, The Black Lion Trading Company has everything you need to celebrate Wintersday! Check out the new items and much more in the Gem Store today!

Winter Wonderland: It’ll take more than a good pair of snow boots to get you through this Wintersday’s jumping puzzle. Speak to the Festive Youth near the snow globe in Lion’s Arch to test your luck—and your balance.

Snowball Mayhem: If you’ve got holiday spirit and a good throwing arm, visit the Festive Lionguard near the Lion’s Arch snow globe to try out the new snowball fight PvP activity!

Bell Choir: Ring in the season with this new musical activity inside the Lion’s Arch snow globe, accessed through the Bell Maestro. It doesn’t matter if you have rhythm—Wintersday is all about harmony.

Trixx's Schedule

December 15th: The Grove
December 16th: Divinity's Reach
December 17th: Black Citadel
December 18th: Hoelbrak
December 19th: Rata Sum
December 20th: Lion's Arch

For more information, along with new concept art, screenshots and wallpaper, make sure to check out the event page!

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Re:Guild Wars 2:Wintersday Event Page Updated

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awesome cant wait to try it out maybe better version listed on ebay?


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