Owl Creek

[Post New]by Stevieboysgirl on Dec 13, 12 4:26 PM
Hopefully this question will be answered as none of the others I have posted have been. I have the cup for the moon tea but nothing happens when I put the sieve in the stream next to the blacksmiths shop. I know I need another gem but no matter where I tap around the cottage I can't get to Owl Creek. Help please!


Re:Owl Creek

[Post New]by LoveConquers on Jan 19, 14 11:11 AM
If memory serves me correct. the sieve is used in the Owls creek where you will get a blue gem. The creek is on the left hand side. Either there is a creek there or there is the creek behind the Garden Maiden. The other red gem is found under the frog statue by the garden maiden. Once you place the gems in the eyes of the marble owl then the cup can be filled with the moon tea. Perhaps by now you may have already figured it out.

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