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[Post New]by MargaretWalsh on Dec 14, 12 5:46 PM
In the hidden object scene of this game you are required to pick up the match and light the candle in order to collect the hidden object "lit candle".
I have found the match, I have found the candle.
I have picked up the match took it to the candle, NOTHING HAPPENS.
I have moved the match all over the candle, I have moved the match all over the sceen to see if the match needed to be struck still NOTHING.
I can not move on till I finish the hidden object scene to get my inventory item.
The game was purchased through a store by cash some months agto. No I do not still have a receipt. No I do not want a game to down load as this cpu is not the one I play my games on. That cpu is not internet connected. That is why I buy the games from the store and I do NOT have a credit card.
I have checked out the walk through and it shows exactly what I have done so many times to the point of this discussion. The help is of no use it just shows you where the match is and I already know where it is.
If it is at all possible could you tell me how to get the candle lit so I can collect it for my inventory item, or is it a flaw in the game if so can you send me anothewr one.
Thanking you Margaret Walsh

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