Level 9 Help

[Post New]by stieglitz on Dec 15, 12 11:36 AM
I can not beat level 9 - If I plant the plants anyway other then the two openings on each side they don't work at all (that's over 8 plant plots that are useless). Must be doing something wrong!!!!! ...any suggestions.


Re:Level 9 Help

[Post New]by Smalldeveloper on Dec 15, 12 11:48 AM
Find video walkthrough on youtube.

Search keywords: " garden rescue ce walkthrough"


Re:Level 9 Help

[Post New]by buzyw5 on Dec 21, 12 6:59 AM
I have yet been able to pass lever 9 also. I haven't found any walk through s or tips . Please someone help pass 9 ty :-)


Re:Level 9 Help

[Post New]by Smalldeveloper on Dec 21, 12 7:09 AM
Check your privat messages

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Re:Level 9 Help

[Post New]by vault07 on Dec 21, 12 7:46 AM
The upgraded plants can reach farther. Or you can use a cactus and a chamomile on one side of the path (on left and right sides) and a fly trap and a chamomile on the other side (on the left and right side). But the corn/pea shooters can shoot farther distances once upgraded, leaving a lot more room for creativity.

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Re:Level 9 Help

[Post New]by lordkalvan on Dec 21, 12 4:00 PM
The way I do level 9:
* Upgrade a tree immediately
* Plant a pea shooter on the bottom right, and as soon as possible, upgrade it. This should happen about the time the bugs reach the pea shooter.
* When the third wave starts (the flying bugs) plant a cactus in the middle on the right, so that it is just to the left of the path.
* Upgrade the other tree as soon as you have enough coins.
* Chamomile to the immediate left of the cactus (so it is above the pea shooter, with one space between them). You will want to upgrade this chamomile when you have enough coins, before the spiders get to the right side of the board.
* Corn at the top on the right, so that it is 2 spaces above the chamomile. Do this before the next wave of flying bugs arrives. You should be able to upgrade about the time the flying bugs reach it.
* Use powerups to thin out the next wave or two of non-flying bugs a bit, while you accumulate coins.
* Pea shooter on the bottom left, when you have the coins, and upgrade it, so that it reaches the worms in helmets as they go up on the left and also on the final leg to the garden.
* Another cactus on the left near the path.
* Chamomile behind the cactus on the left, about the time that the red flying bugs appear. Use powerups to thin out the wave of flying bugs.
* Upgrade the chamomile on the left about the time the praying mantises arrive.
* Use the single bug powerups on every other one of the last non-flying wave, fairly early. This gives the pea shooters more time to take out the ones that are left.
* The last wave is flying insects. Click the PAUSE. Dig up both the pea shooters and replace them with corn, upgraded. You should have a couple of powerups left but you won't need them with that many upgraded corn plants and the two cactus plants.

By "thin out" I mean make a gap between bugs in a wave, without bunching them up. Springs are good this way, or you can use the "freeze" one on the last set of 3 bugs, or that one that explodes 3 bugs can be used in the middle of the wave. Do your thinning near the start instead of waiting until the bugs are near the garden.

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