A Question About the Music

[Post New]by SherlockGirls on Dec 16, 12 11:31 AM
I am unable to test the game at this time, and I hate battles and would never buy this game for the gameplay, or even for the piano part... but I LOVE the song on the little clip BF gave us, and so I'd like to know: If I bought the game, can just listen to all the music without trying to match the notes? Is there a soundtrack option?

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Re:A Question About the Music

[Post New]by tuskel on Dec 19, 12 3:42 AM
I only played the demo, so I don't know whether after finishing you could listen to them again, but no, there isn't a soundtrack.

However, if you try and play it, the "too easy" level isn't too bad, use the mouse and just try and hit the notes, and you should progress to the next one. It isn't really a battle game... More like Guitar Hero, as others have mentioned, and I liked the 2 tunes in the demo.

After you have finished a location and progress, you can play it again from the menu, and then you could just listen to it.

So, my advice, try it. I am going to buy it once I get some money for Xmas myself.


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