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What else would you like in Tower of Elements?

[Post New]by Frogdice on Dec 27, 12 1:45 PM
Hey Tower of Elements fans!

We are still waiting to see how well this game sells, but if it does well we will look into ways to continue the series. What would you like to see in such a game?

Here are some things we have discussed on our team:

1) Relaxed / untimed mode - probably a training ground of some kind where you can play relaxed, experiment with spells and gear, etc.

2) World Map to explore. We think it would be fun to defend towers at different locations of the map. You would move around where you were needed to defend the kingdom.

3) Different shapes and styles of towers - As part of #2, different locations might have different shapes and styles of towers. This would add a lot of variety. We also might have enemies attacking from different directions to also change things up.

4) More spells - Always fun!

5) More gear - Also always fun!

6) More Enemies - of course!

7) Continuation of the story - We have received a lot of positive feedback that people enjoyed the story. We look forward to continuing it and telling you what happens next.


So those are some of our thoughts.

What are some things YOU would like to see?

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Re:What else would you like in Tower of Elements?

[Post New]by mgpaquin on Mar 30, 13 8:27 AM
A very CLEARLY defined and easy to locate quit button.

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