Aroma Lamp in Underground Mortuary Help !

[Post New]by lilmsbuttons on Dec 27, 12 2:16 PM
I have picked up everything I could from the trunk in the scene in the underground mortuary, the hint says take the aroma lamp and dead water vial from the chest....I thought I'd grabbed both, but it seems there is something still in the chest that I cannot remove no matter what !

the hints keep coming up that I HAVe to have the Aroma Lamp...please help me get it, or what should I do, please help !

thanks so very much !

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Re:Aroma Lamp in Underground Mortuary Help !

[Post New]by Pckiller on Jan 7, 13 11:38 PM
Check your inventory items. You might already have the aroma lamp. If it isn't in the inventory and you can't grab it from the chest, then try restarting the game. Sorry for the late reply.

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