Worst game ever: Game reset 4 times so far

[Post New]by akokki1 on Dec 28, 12 8:28 AM
I have been playing Fairway HD (purchased version) on ipad 2, and all of a sudden the game reset all my scores and trophies to 0. I restarted, then it happened 3 more times, the last time within a few days from the last reset. I contacted Technical Support, but they were of no help at all (except from a free voucher for a BF game which I do not intend on using). Despite the fact that this seems to be a well known problem, BF has done nothing to develop a solution. It does sound like a rip-off, and I am really close to opening a case with Better Business Bureau. It is not that the amount is huge, but no matter the amount, no user should feel ripped off. Even though the game concept is fun, the performance is disgustingly bad, and the support consists of typical answers. What a same.....

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Re:Worst game ever: Game reset 4 times so far

[Post New]by bfgIzara on Dec 28, 12 9:26 AM
Hey there akokki1,

Welcome to the Pond!

I'm so sorry to hear that Fairway HD was resetting on your iPad. I know how frustrating it can be when a new game doesn't work properly.

It's great that you've already contacted Customer Support about those issues, and worked with them to troubleshoot to help get the game up and running. The more people that write in about issues with the game the more information we have to send to the developer about those issues for a fix if needed.

I really appreciate your feedback though, and I've passed your comments along to the appropriate people.

Thanks again!



Re:Worst game ever: Game reset 4 times so far

[Post New]by dmd28434 on Dec 30, 12 12:27 PM
This has happened to me twice so far and it is usually once I am up to over 750 stars and 500 trophies. It deleted all the boars I purchased too so all the actually money I have spent on this has gone to waste and since it reset a few times I probably have spent around $20 in all on boards,bucks,irons and items for mini games. How do I contact customer support via email or phone? Only can find maong addresses.


Re:Worst game ever: Game reset 4 times so far

[Post New]by akokki1 on Dec 31, 12 2:57 AM

Sorry to hear you are in the same boat as I am. For email: Press the green envelope on the right side of this page and select "Still Need Help - Contact Us" from the bottom left of the screen, and enter your problem details. However do not hold your breath for a meaningful answer or something close to a satisfactory solution. All you will get are typical Copy-Paste answers. DO NOT uninstall the games as I did (their advise) because I had to repurchase it and repay for it (even though their advise stated that I would not have to), and the new version does not allow multiple players - so my wife and daughter can not play the game.
At the end of the day, the whole thing is a big dissapointment and very close to a money rip-off scam not worthy of a company like BF.


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