Love Letters

[Post New]by kittykatpurrs42 on Dec 28, 12 8:48 AM
I spoke with everyone in the back garden but I have no love letters to give to the sister. So, am I stuck? Did I miss something? The hint just directs me to speak with the sister still. Anyone?

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Re:Love Letters

[Post New]by Linz2121 on Dec 30, 12 3:05 PM
No that's where you get them, did you do everything you could in the forest or the Beast's Castle first? From what I remember the father gives them to you. Try finishing everything at the Castle first and then go back to the garden. If that doesn't work, my only other suggestion would be to go into town and to Bella's house to talk to her sister first, then head back to the garden. Hopefully this helps! Happy gaming!


Re:Love Letters

[Post New]by kittykatpurrs42 on Jan 3, 13 4:43 PM
Thank you! Finally got it with your help!

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