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Royal Cliff number 8?

[Post New]by jayel48 on Dec 29, 12 6:05 AM
Anyone have any ideas for the 8th position on the royal cliff? I have tried using the two Valkyrie cards and the Ent card, then I tried the two Valkyrie cards and the Gift from Heavens. No joy! I still can't get more then a silver., I've been playing the same level for three days - any help would be appreciated!

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Re:Royal Cliff number 8?

[Post New]by unclepaul on Feb 12, 13 3:43 PM
8th Position (wouldn't you think these game manufactures would have each level numbered / identified properly so that gamers can discuss levels clearly - clearly shows some amateurship on the designers part).
Requires 5 Enchanted Round Shields, 5 Enchanted Full Plate Armour and 20 items enchanted.
Getting the shields and armour done will take up 10 of the 20 enchanted items. The others can be as cheap as you can find thus using less resources.
I found that the level can start with different numbers of items and different incomes as well. Starting income can vary from 60 to at least 137 , keeep resterting til you get at least 110+ starting level with maximum amount of shields and / or armour or both to save you having to purchase so much.

Cards have Time reverse, Blue Bear (lasts a long time and does not deplete resources), and Ent (speeds up the processing of items). Along with the master wizard level you can use each of these cards twice.
Start processing to use up some of your resources and purchase as much as you can trying to get Shields to make total to 5 and Full plate Armour to make to 5 then get the cheapest items after that.
When resources start to run short use the blue bear card and continue processing making sure to do any special magic items first. When you have a good stock of rusty items use the Ent card and very quickly keep all shops processing at once try and place only the shields and armour on the stands and sell off other enchanted items. By the time you get 5 enchanted shields / armour on stands you should not be worrying about gold anymore and can purchase at will. Also get extra workers and use then to speed up processing when the Ent card is not in use.
Watch for Cedric and if he appears with an ornate item purchase it as it only needs to be enchanted. He can deliver about 4- 5 items during Gold time so at that you only need to process to enchant about another 6 items to complete in gold time.

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