Stuck at the end of Fire Volcano

[Post New]by ScarletteSpider on Dec 29, 12 3:56 PM
I look at my quest info screen and it says i've done everything except one. It is an icon that looks like a tree. But i look around and look around and there isn't anything left to do that has hover text or that dancing white ciircle of Knot of Kells dancing around it.

In the Tranquil Forest I also have a tree icon that says I didn't do but let me wake up the Earth Elemental Guardian without it.

I suspect these two things are linked, that I need one so I can do the other. And without them I can't access the Fire Artifact to wake up the Fire Elemental Guardian to finish the game.

But for the life of me I cannot find what it is that I'm suppose to be doing so I can finish. Help purdy plz? Ty in advance.


Re:Stuck at the end of Fire Volcano: Resolved!

[Post New]by ScarletteSpider on Dec 30, 12 3:04 AM
ok, i had to restart the game over in another profile before I figured out what I couldn't find before. But it isn't necessary to do so, redoing the steps helped

Once you get everything done with digging out the Fire Elemental Guardian you have to get the phoenix vine to his fire. But the place that lets you click on that is tricksy hobbity. Everywhere else in the game there is hover text and/or the white Celtic knots circle that lets you direct Faeries to those tasks. In this case the area that brings up the hover text is not a large one like it is everywhere else in the game. It is a very small area between the right side torch of the gate and the end of the phoenix vine, on the ground.

The first Faerie you direct there won't have that white circle so you have to wiggle the mouse around a bit to find that small area to send her to. Once you have the first Faerie working there, then the circle shows up so sending other Faeries to work on it is easy peasy after that. It will let you use 6 Faeries to work on that spot at same time so it will cut down on how long you wait for them to finish.

Also, in the first place Tranquil Forest, it may have been obvious to others but it wasn't to me. The missing quest task I couldn't find is all the fungus on the tree over the potion collector. Once I did find it I did a facepalm since it is kinda a big thing to miss lol. But the graphics are so good I thought it was just part of the scenery. Just goes to show that I needed to follow my own good advice and explore, investigate and experiment.

The creators of this game need to make more maps and places for these Faeries to work, build and restore because it's without a doubt the best time management game I've ever played. Particularly since it's in a genre that is near and dear to my heart.

Perhaps they can have the UnSeelie Creatures show up now that magick has returned and they are running amuck. Bugbears, Trolls, Giants, Harpies, Banshees, Goblins, Bogles, Hobgoblins, Red Caps, Jack-In-Irons, etc all being led by the Queen of Nightmares. Our good Seelie Queen and her gals could fight the bad Faeries, restore and rebuild what they destroyed, and keep them from going through the Veils/Gates to the Real World Plane to wreck havoc on us poor Humans! lol It be spiffy too if they could work in some other Fae Lore standards like the White Oak Heart Tree, The Bale Fire, the fifth element Spirit, Sacred Tree Grove Lodges, Circe's Sacred Well and of course Stonehenge!

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