nutcracker end glitz

[Post New]by jellybean2217 on Dec 29, 12 8:33 PM
cannot get past the locked gate at the end. i gave the sabre to the nutcracker to fight the other guy. now it say i need two masked and that the detonator is not connected
any help would be appreciated thank you

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Re:nutcracker end glitz

[Post New]by orbratt on Dec 29, 12 10:15 PM
Place the gunpowder on the detonated firecracker then click on the detonator handle


Re:nutcracker end glitz

[Post New]by Mummybents on Jun 15, 14 3:58 PM
I'm stuck here too. I can't find the firecracker and when I try to retrieve the second mask it won't let me! I've had to come out of the game several times cos it's winding me up now!! Please help!!

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