Suggestions to the creators/developers of Avalon for expansions/sequels pleeeeeeeeeze!?!

[Post New]by ScarletteSpider on Dec 30, 12 3:40 AM
The creators of this game need to make more maps and places for these Faeries to work, build and restore because it's without a doubt the best time management game I've ever played. Particularly since it's in a genre that is near and dear to my heart.

Perhaps they can have the UnSeelie Creatures show up now that magick has returned and they are running amuck. Bugbears, Trolls, Giants, Harpies, Banshees, Goblins, Bogles, Hobgoblins, Red Caps, Jack-In-Irons, etc all being led by the Queen of Nightmares. Our good Seelie Queen and her gals could fight the bad Faeries, restore and rebuild what they destroyed, and keep them from going through the Veils/Gates to the Real World Plane to wreck havoc on us poor Humans! lol It be spiffy too if they could work in some other Fae Lore standards like the White Oak Heart Tree, The Bale Fire, the fifth element Spirit, Sacred Tree Grove Lodges, Circe's Sacred Well and of course Stonehenge!

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