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Last CE Game for 2012

[Post New]by Nilosh on Dec 30, 12 4:53 AM
I really enjoyed the first of this series and am very happy to see that the developers have brought us a even more exciting sequel that once again takes us into the Nightmare Realm.

This game is far better than the first but does not come without some flaws. Although the graphics are beautiful, I wish that the resolution was better as it does tend to get blurry during the annimation cut scenes. The artwork is stunning with great attention given to details. There are voice overs but not as much as I wish.The story continues with Emily all grown up and ready to go off to college. The day before her departure, some sinister force has taken over Emily and once again it is us to her Mother to rescue her daughter. To her great surprise, she has discovered her husband is alive and held prisoner in theRealm and only his tears can save their daughter. Unfortunately she has only one hour before his execution. This does make me wonder if we literally have one hour until game over , but I doubt that.

Game Features offers three modes of difficulty to choose from, a journal that is very unique and a hint system which to be hones I have yet to use. The journal not only offers you progress details but there are mystical cards that will give you back stories to different characters you meet along the way. Unfortunately the map that outlines your route does not allow you to jump do there is some backtracking involved if you missed something earlier. There are collectables which come in the form of origamies that you find along the way. A group of them will unlock a story and they are not as easy to locate, so keep your eyes open.

Gameplay is heavy on adventure with few HO scenes thrown in. During the demo, I onlt encountered one HO scene with interaction, I am sure there will be more to come. The mini-games are uniques and interesting but not overtly challenging. There are items to find along the way, puzzles to solve and the SG follows your progress.After my hour was up, I felt that time flew by too quickly so I am now off to immediately buy this wonderful sequel that will be the last CE collection for 2012.

It has truely been an amazing year with BFG and once again, I personally thank them along with all game developers for bringing us hours upon hours of amazing games that have not only captured our hearts and imaginations, but have kept us young at heart. I look forward to many more games and wish everyone a magical and most joyous New Year.

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Re:Last CE Game for 2012

[Post New]by kimvy on Dec 30, 12 5:41 PM
Wonderfully said. Best to you and yours in the New Year.

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