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Todays DD December 31 2012

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Dec 31, 12 1:54 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Todays DD December 31 2012

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Dec 31, 12 8:52 PM
I normally don't even try these types of games, but I took a chance on this one, and the 1 hr free trial was up before I knew it. I just had to purchase this game, as there were so many variations to the traditional Mahjong.

Options include music and effects volume control, 3D acceleration, full screen and custom cursor options.

There are 7 types of gameplay:
1. Traditional mahjong.
2. Non-Pair: You find the tile in each layer with no matching pair.
3. Solitaire: You select the tiles of each suit in order from ace to deuce.
4. Great Wall: Make matches on opposite sides of a wall.
5. Logical Triple Game: Tiles are displayed in a frame on the bottom and you must find two tiles on the board that logically relate, e.g coffee grinder + coffee bean = cup of coffee.
6. Bottom tiles: Tiles are displayed in a frame on the bottom, and you select any free identical tile on the board.
7. Five seconds: A tile is displayed in the bottom frame for 5 secs and you select matches on the board. The bottom tile blinks if there are several matching tiles on the board.

There is a hint button that refills in approximately 20 seconds.

There is a shuffle button and an undo button.

You can click on "show free tiles" and available tiles are highlighted.

There are 4 types of "secret tiles":
1. When you select a particular tile, all matches for that tile will be shown for 30 secs.
2. Tile removes all of a particular tile.
3. Swap tile swaps two selected tiles.
4. Change tile - select two tiles and all instances of the second tile will be changed to match the first tile.

Overall, this is a great choice for me, as I play mostly ihogs, and a few match 3 games. This is a nice addition to my collection and worth the $2.99 for something different and fun. I'm very glad that I stopped to try it!

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