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The Temple at Blood Rocks

[Post New]by supersp on Feb 18, 09 10:34 AM
I've collected a Hinu of Blood and found a Deben of Gold but I can't find a way of getting the copper deben from the museum onto the chest as well so I can use it for measuring. Any help gratefully received!!!!!!

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Re:The Temple at Blood Rocks

[Post New]by shalako on Feb 21, 09 7:37 AM
Go to the chest at left and between the 2 pillars left of chamber. Place the scale on top of the chest.

Take the bowl from the floor and left of the chest.

Go to the pot at right side of the chamber and beside the broken statue of Seker and take a copper deben.

Weigh gold deben: Click the bowl on the scale and see the close up of the scale.

The reset button is the bar with hieroglyphs at bottom of scale.

See the copper deben from museum, copper deben from the pot and a stiletto.

Weigh each of the items using scoops of gold dust from bottom left.

Find out that each copper deben weighs 27.3 grams and the stiletto weighs 41.0 grams.

We need 13.6 grams as stated by the black sphinx hieroglyphs.

Place the 2 copper debens in one pan to make 54.6 grams counterweight.

Place the 41.0 grams stiletto on the other pan.

Add scoops of gold (3 scoops) to the pan with the stiletto until it balances to show 54.6 grams.

Automatically get the bowl at bottom right.

Scoop the gold off the pan to the bowl to get 13.6 grams of gold - a gold deben.

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