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Wish the rooms were actually getting cleared out...

[Post New]by Pangaeus on Dec 31, 12 6:16 PM
I have repeat HOG scenes where the items you previously picked out are back. It would be better if once the item was purchased it was gone, so that the rooms got progressively cleaned out. It would also give me more satisfaction as at this point the game is getting dull going from room to room just to get enough $$ to buy the final items.

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Re:Wish the rooms were actually getting cleared out...

[Post New]by cabanaeast18 on May 21, 13 5:39 AM
I agree completely! The title "Mansion Makeover" really isn't that. Mansion makeover implys just that... all the rooms in the mansion. Why just the hall? Is there a sequel that let's us work on all the other rooms. That would make the game more fun. I wouldn't get bored with seeing and decorating the same room, the hall!
I love every part of Gardenscape, Austin, dog and all the interaction. But Barn Yarn (I own) Mansion makeover I'm very disappointed in. One room in the barn. One room on Mansion Makeover.
I hope designer and developer is listening.

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